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Casa d'Oliva
PO Box 430
East Greenwich, RI 02818 USA
401-884-8685    401-884-1260 (fax)   www.casadoliva.com

For the purposes of reserving, booking and payment all correspondence and confirmations will be made by e-mail unless an e-mail address is not available. In that case confirmation will be made in writing, by mail.


When you have confirmed availability of the dates you require you may make a Reservation. We will hold the Property for you for 7 business days from the date of the Reservation to allow you the time to fax or mail the Booking Form to us. If your Booking Form is not received within 7 business days, we will release the Property for rental by others.

At the time of making the Reservation please confirm the Rental Price of the property with us. If your Booking spans two seasons, the Rental Price that applies is the appropriate seasonal rate for the beginning of each week of your vacation. The Rental Price is payable in U.S. Dollars and will be confirmed in our initial response to you. Although it is rare for Rental Prices to be altered after having been set for the year, these prices can be changed without notice.

To confirm your booking we must receive payment of a 50% deposit (if you are booking more than 8 weeks in advance of your vacation) or the full holiday rental amount (if you are booking less than 8 weeks before the vacation begins) within 7 days of the date of your Reservation.

Kindly send a check written to E. P. Fenik to:

Casa d'Oliva
PO Box 430,
East Greenwich, RI 02818 USA

 If you do not have access to a U.S. dollar bank account, we will accept either a U.S. dollar banker's check or a wire transfer.  To make a wire transfer please request our banking details.

Once we have received your completed Booking Form and the payment into our account, we will confirm your Booking. If you have omitted any details on the Booking Form we will ask you to send that information.  Failure to provide all the details by the due date of the final rental payment could result in cancellation of your Booking and the Cancellation Policy (outlined in below) will be put into effect.

If you are Booking more than 8 weeks in advance of your vacation, we will send you a reminder for the second 50% payment which is due 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the rental. We will send you confirmation when this payment is received. If the balance due is not received 8 weeks prior to your rental, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and apply the Cancellation Policy detailed in Section 2 below. Shortly before your departure, we will send you directions to Casa d’Oliva as well as other information about your rental.

2. CANCELLATIONS -If your wish to cancel your vacation, you must notify us in writing or by e-mail. We will try our best to re-rent the Property. If we are successful, we will return your monies less a charge of 15% of the total vacation rental amount for advertising and communications.  If we are unsuccessful and you have given us at least eight weeks notice before the beginning of your holiday, then only your Booking deposit will be forfeited. Should we not have success and you have given us less than eight weeks notice before the beginning of your vacation, the entire amount will be forfeited.

Although it is highly unlikely that we will have to make changes to confirmed Bookings, it may happen and we will inform you at the earliest possible date of any alterations to your Booking. If for any reason beyond our control we are unable to provide you with the rental we will cancel your booking and the full amount paid for the Property will be refunded. Neither the Owner nor the Keyholder are liable for any cancellation charges for travel arrangements such as transportation or any other costs.  


The property owner recognizes that accidents happen, and therefore require a deposit of 400.00 Euros (payable in cash in European Euros or US dollars). This will be given directly to the Property Owner or Keyholder when you arrive. You may be denied access to the vacation property if you do not have these funds on your arrival. The deposit will be refunded on your departure after an inspection, unless any deductions have to be made for items that must be replaced or repaired. Please advise the Keyholder immediately if any damage occurs. 


What does the Rental Price include?

  •   Rental of the property

  •   Electricity

  •   Gas for the cooking appliance

  •   Fresh linens – 1 set per bed per week

  •   Fresh bath towels – 1 set per person per week.

  •   Complimentary bath items for each bath

  •   Complimentary basket with wine, bread, cheese, coffee and milk.


What does the Rental Price not include?

  •   Cleaning services that are provided on each Saturday during your stay.  (If you stay for 1 week you pay for 1 cleaning. If you stay for 2 weeks you pay for 2 cleanings etc.) A charge of 75.00 European Euros will be give to the Keyholder on your arrival for each cleaning.

  •   Gas for heat.

  •   Telephone usage.  Local calls are free. International calls can only be made with a calling card.

  •   Food and beverages except for the welcome basket presented on your arrival.

Arrival and departure - We ask that you arrive between 4 pm and 8 pm and depart by 9:00 am. If you have reason to believe that you will arrive later than 8 pm, please contact the Keyholder or us as soon as possible. Your prompt departure at 9:00 AM is necessary to allow for the cleaning of the house prior to the arrival of the next guests. We appreciate your cooperation.

Behavior - We reserve the right to terminate the Booking of any client who, in our opinion or in the opinion of the Owner/Keyholder is causing or is likely to cause annoyance or danger to themselves, any of our other clients or any third party or damages to the Property. In this situation, the person(s) will be required to leave the Property immediately. We will have no further responsibility towards such person(s).  No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or cost incurred as a result of that action.

Complaints - We hope that you will not be dissatisfied with any part of your stay at Casa d’Oliva.  However, in the event that you experience a problem, please report it to the Keyholder of the Property or the Supplier of the service, to give them the opportunity to remedy the problem during your stay. In the unlikely event that you are still not satisfied, upon return from your vacation, you must write to us giving us full details within 14 days. If you fail to notify the Keyholder or Supplier of any dissatisfaction during your vacation we cannot accept responsibility for that complaint reported after the fact.

DescriptionThe descriptions of the Property, distances to nearby towns and such have been prepared in good faith. We will try to inform you of any major changes to the house before your arrival. Driving times are approximate.

Extra Service and Special Requests - We will use all reasonable means to ensure that Extra Services requested in writing (preferably on the Booking Form and, in any event not later than 8 weeks prior to your arrival) are available to you. If we are successful we will send written confirmation of the services with your final booking confirmation. However, we are not responsible for the failure of a Supplier or Keyholder to provide the requested service. We will not accept any bookings conditional on the provision of Extra Services.  Extra Service may include cooking services and additional cleaning.  

Law and Jurisdiction - Your contract with us is governed by the laws of the United States of America and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States of America.

Party Size and Composition - Numbers in excess of the sleeping capacity for the Property (a maximum of 6 persons) or in addition to those included on your Booking Form are not allowed. The Property Owner/Keyholder has the right to refuse extra numbers or to ask a surcharge for heating, electricity and cleaning costs.  The house is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Pets - Pets are not allowed at the Property unless requested of and confirmed by us in writing. From time to time there may be local cats (2) who come to the house. Everyone in the area and sometimes by our guests feeds them. They are part of our Italian “neighborhood” and are friendly. The black one is called Antonio and the black and white one is called Minka.

Responsibility of the Owner - We will not accept responsibility for any aspects of your vacation affected by matters not in our control, including but not limited to, war or threat of war, riots and civil strife, terrorist activity, natural disaster, weather conditions, fire flood, drought, quality of roads, conditions of the Property, temporary technical, mechanical or electrical breakdown within the Property, industrial disputes, governmental action, airport regulations, strikes, or technical problems to transport that may affect the service of  the Property. Although we will make any reasonable effort to rectify and solve any problem as soon as possible, we have no legal responsibility to compensate you for any personal injury, death, loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by your or by any member of your party.

Special Conditions - Smoking is prohibited in the bedrooms.

Vacation Insurance - It is a condition of our accepting your Booking that you are insured against vacation risks. The responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate for the needs of you and your party including, but not limited to, personal accident, medical emergency and hospital benefit, cancellation, baggage and personal effects, legal expenses and personal liability is yours. Neither the Owner nor the Keyholder will be responsible.

Your surroundings The road up to the house is a winding strada bianca (gravel road). It may be different from what you are used to in the United States however, it is perfectly safe and is used daily by all the residents of the mountain. The Italian countryside can be noisy at times. Animals will make their noises; farmers will work the fields on tractors. These and others are the normal sounds of your surroundings and are to be expected. From time to time there may be local cats (2) who come to the house. They are fed by everyone in the area and sometimes by our guests. They are part of our Italian neighborhood and are friendly. The black one is called Antonio and the black and white one is called Minka.  You may also see a small  family of black cats; Mamma Cat , Tink-a-bell and Shy Guy.


Contact telephone numbers will be provided for the Keyholder in the driving instructions sent prior to your departure

Your signature on the Booking Form or payment for your rental shall be taken as your and your party's acceptance of these Booking Conditions.

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